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M2M IP Cloud Based Routers

Cloud Based Routers


We provide IoT network solutions covering 4G technologies including: LTE, LTE Advanced, EVDO, and HSPA+, with data speeds up to 42 Mbps. The Software-Defined Modem and dual-SIM technologies enable automatic selection of carrier-certified firmware and configuration settings on the fly; providing true zero-touch deployment capabilities and cellular network diversity.

  • Rural Speeds

Branch Networking with Access Point

The Access Point is designed to work with our industrial routers that extend WiFi coverage at your location. The Access Point provides dual-concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios for seamless WiFi connectivity; with fast roaming between access points and routers. It also offers enterprise-grade security with WPA-PSK, WPA-TKIP, and WPA2 AES encryption. With support for the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard, the access point offers MU-MIMO. This enables multiple clients to receive data simultaneously; increasing the total network performance and improving overall user experience.

Mobile Towers

The 106-foot tower can be positioned at remote locations where carrier signals may be blocked out. A signal booster can be attached to the tower for improved transmission.

Mobile Towers

The 106-foot tower can be positioned at remote locations where carrier signals may be blocked out. A signal booster can be attached to the tower for improved transmission.

Satellite Communications

Satellite is the ultimate progression for network diversity. EnerStar Communications utilizes satellite connectivity in areas where our clients’ location is extremely remote or limited by nature.

In the field the need for reliable, accurate, and timely information is absolutely critical. It can make all the difference when it comes to identifying the most efficient use of resources for drilling and seismic activities; as well as making advances in exploration and production technologies, remote pipeline monitoring, and more. The industry’s use of older satellite technologies had led to congestion or capacity issues and the speed of information flow was slow.

Utilizing the latest service offerings available, EnerStar Communications delivers to the Oil and Gas Industry fast and reliable internet access, so remote teams maximize their output, even under the most difficult conditions.

Smart Camp

Smart WAN Selection
(SWANS) and Dual SIM

Smart WAN Selection (SWANS) and Dual SIM Management is a granular approach to configure specific criteria that dynamically determine which of the available WAN interfaces is connected. Smart WAN Selection enables the itemization of when and how the router will switch to an alternate WAN (SIM) interface.

Enerstar, Smart Camp
Company Man 2

Primary Focus: Water/sewer levels and temperatures, generator – voltage / HZ / performance, GFCIs
Potencial Focus: All of the above, wind monitoring, gas detection, smoke alarms, satellite fuel
 tanks, panel box

Enerstar Smart Camp Systems

EnerStar strives to find new ways to innovate our industry. With the implementation of our remote communications, we have discovered new ways of transmitting on-site data with the ability to grant you access to details about camp operations that are unparalleled in the industry.

Our systems work under the umbrella of IoT technologies. IoT or “The Internet of Things” is a system of operations that is the culmination of sensors linking to an interface that gives a deeper level of connectivity to the production of industry. Whether it’s the levels in a tank or the temperature of the factory floor, almost anything can be monitored using IoT technologies.

The Smart Camp system monitors your sewage and water, generators, wind speeds, gas detectors, and virtually anything else you require for monitoring. With a deeper level of control for your devices, you can maximize employee worktime, guarantee reliable reporting, and increase overall efficiency of your operations, which leads to higher annual earnings year over year.

Additional Products

EnerStar Communications offers a vast array of additional products to meet your demands and customize your build.

EnerStar Communications utilizes high resolution PTZ (Pan, tilt, zoom) to cover the entire rig floor. The camera images can be viewed and monitored remotely, currently 4 camera images are available on a single HDTV screen.

Local site communications that do not require a secure line or an external provider. All radios have their own charges and are intrinsically safe.
Two-way radio and telephony systems improve crew connectivity and operational safety while increasing crew productivity.
EnerStar Communications will provide cordless phone systems with durable handsets that deliver extremely wide-reaching reliability outdoors, throughout multi-story buildings and in complex environments. Quickly and easily deploy each system and connect users with valued features like push-to-talk broadcast and two-way intercom for instant communications.

When you need a broadcast service that will cover the well site, EnerStar Communications can customize a solution to fit your needs. EnerStar Communications will provide the PA system with multiple loudspeakers to create the coverage required to notify all personnel.

We provide integrated Unified Threat Management (UTM) features that enable direct Internet access from the branch without compromising security. UTM features include app-based control, multi-zone firewall, IPS/IDS, web content filtering, and Zscaler Internet Security, as well as OpenDNS and SIEM integrations.

  • Motorola Solutions offers mobile communication devices that support customers who make up a diverse economy, contributing to the safety and security of workers everywhere.
  • Our radios are intrinsically safe
  • Built for all weather conditions
  • Bank chargers
  • Headsets, mics
  • Surveillance
  • Increased safety
  • PTZ – Pan, Tilt, Zoon
    • Large Field of View. Depending on the mounting location they can cover a full 360 degree area.
    • Built-in Motion Tracking.
    • Night vision is a very important benefit when you need to provide surveillance in any area with poor lighting conditions
    • Weatherproof – Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are made to live in even the harshest of elements.
    • Auto Focus
    • High Definition
    • Wireless options
  • Fix Camera
    • Wider field-of-view
    • Higher resolution images
    • Great for remote locations
    • Wireless options
  • Enhanced voice and data reception with utilizing the rig.

The Buzzer box is attached to the wall in the Dog House and hooked to an Engenius phone; ensuring the Company Man has dedicated communications to the Dog House.

The 106-foot tower can be positioned at remote locations, where carrier signals may be blocked out; a signal booster can be attached to the tower for improved transmission.

  • Enhanced voice and data reception with the use of a mobile tower
  • Great for completion and frac sites
  • Additional lighting kit available

Cradlepoint’s high-performance LTE routers with dual-modem functionality, facilitating automatic and instant cellular-to-cellular failover whenever one carrier’s coverage drops off while leveraging load balancing for additional bandwidth from the secondary carrier whenever necessary.
Mobile solution:  These field mobile units powered by Cradlepoint’s cloud-managed AER Series routers for failsafe connectivity.
IoT solution: Small ruggedized, cloud-managed LTE routers are ideal for use in portable or fixed applications such as surveillance cameras, digital signs, oil and gas monitoring, and Parallel Networking.

Ultra High-Availability VSAT provides the bandwidth that businesses, government agencies, energy companies and public utilities demand and deserve, while maintaining the high-availability expected from a business-grade service.
Provides reliable, high availability Broadband connection to any remote location
Connectivity maintained during rainy conditions at the remote site
Connectivity not affected by backhaul outage or hub related disasters.

  • Remote relay access control
  • Intercom is remotely programmable from an Engenius cordless handset
  • Intercom can make PSTN call via the base
  • Intercom can call a Cordless handset
  • IP65 rated
  • Works on 12-48 volt AC/DC
  • Dials up to 3 numbers sequentially
  • Program up to 90 authorized guests
  • Quad band cellular and data booster for all carriers
  • Booster solution’s tailored to meet your needs
  • Advanced booster technology
  • Increased data speeds
  • Industry – Leading quality
  • Reduce mileage and trips with bigger deliveries
  • Improve your service guarantee
  • Monitor fluid levels
    • Fresh Water
    • Waste Water
    • Fuel’s
    • Create savings

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